How To Keep Your Team

In today's competitive world, it becomes imperative for organizations to keep their employees motivated at all times. It stands even more absolute at times when many large-sized organizations have laid off their employees.

Do you know only 15% of employees feel engaged worldwide? It is crucial to understand that workforce of all levels plays an integral role in any firm's success strategy. As per experts, a favorable combination of energy levels, knowledge quotient, and skills of a highly motivated group of employees can help firms achieve any desired goal.

As per reports, highly engaged teams can increase business profitability by 21%. Thus, it becomes vital for a team leader or manager to ensure high motivation among his team members for smooth functioning and positive results.

Let us walk through some tips for maintaining motivation among your team.

Bring Clarity to Your Vision and Goals?

Being a leader, you can take specific steps to inspire your team. Your decision will eventually help your team comprehend its targets more efficiently, empowering them to achieve those goals.

Besides, your task as a manager will allow everyone in your office to work closely to gain better outcomes. You can set clear and measurable goals that get framed with this vision.

On the way around, you can measure the progress of your team's performance and the yardstick of their success in the right measurable ways. Thus, your main objective will be to provide sufficient support within your team that will help boost their productivity. Finally, it will bring the feeling of contentment as your staff will feel valued.

Remember, a confused manager will only spread more perplexity among his team and nothing else. Thus, it is advisable to have a clear vision and goal that you can work towards with your team members.

Have An Open Communication with Your Staff

You need to create an open communication system with your colleagues. In any organization, communication always plays a two-way role. The authorities must be transparent with the employees to instil a sense of belonging.

For open communication with the staff, start taking their feedback to understand how they feel about the operations. Understanding the employees and interacting with them on a personal level.

It is vital to demonstrate respect toward the employees and be approachable. You will be amazed that employees who feel heard are likely to perform 4.6 times more than they usually will.

Encourage Team Spirit

Unity fosters a higher level of team spirit in employees. A team spirit creates a work culture in which employees trust each other, communicate respectfully, and collaborate for the greater good.

Ultimately, it can result in increased productivity and better engagement levels. The employees will be more confident, and you will see a boost in their morale. So if you want a dedicated workforce, infuse team spirit with enhanced communication flow, making room for appreciation, organizing team events, and practicing problem-solving skills.

Create a Healthy Workplace Environment

It is said that healthy and happy employees often feel motivated to work more productively. Thus, building the right workplace environment is a backbone to keep your employees content.

It is the foremost reason why many senior-level managers need to improve breaktime areas. While some employees like to use the break room for socializing, others approach it for peace. A quality break room will bring a good ambiance and improve employee motivation.

So, one must promote healthy habits to help staff maintain their energy levels and reduce stress. For example, a manager could arrange a wellness program to see how the employees are doing emotionally and professionally. Surveys convey that more than half of the employees are willing to participate in a workplace wellness program.

A business needs to encourage healthy company culture. Employees need your attention and support to create a better work environment in the office. Managers and seniors can help the team build a positive relationship. Companies that neglect this aspect are likely to suffer.

Provide Positive Feedback and Reward Your Team

Be a manager who believes in bringing out the best in their team. Following the illogical and critical yardstick of demoralizing the employees should never be the path. Simply put, an individual must recognize the power of positive feedback.

Positive feedback will allow employees to recognize and applaud achievements. It will inspire team members to progress and yield better results aligning with the business and individual goals.

Further, giving employees positive feedback helps with boosting confidence and makes them feel valued. They will be more interested in developing their skill set while striving to improve.

Praising your team for their hard work should be a regular part of practice for managers. However, appreciation can be more than words sometimes. For instance, you can provide rewards in the form of gifts, trips, e-vouchers, or promotions. As an adage goes, action speaks louder than words.

Hence, giving positive feedback is a significant part of management communication. This strategy allows a manager to attain professional growth and mastery over the workforce.

Final Words

For organizations to succeed, they must strive to motivate their workforce consistently. About 44% of the employees feel burned out at times. Contrarily, employees would work harder if they felt more recognized.

A motivated team is the life and blood of an organization. Remember, an employee's micro-success will result in a company's macro-success. Managers must work toward building a fully motivated and engaged team. Let them feel worthy!