Online Personal

About The Project

The client is an online fitness company that wanted to create an all-in-one fitness app. Its purpose was to motivate busy working professionals who find it difficult to find time to exercise, to get in shape and build bodies like their favorite celebrities. The app was to serve as a single point of contact for tracking fitness related activities for the users. Using one app, clients can log their meals according to the daily macros they are assigned by their trainer, as well as update their progress with weekly check-ins and chat with the trainer on a complex form of exercise.

The Challenge

Our team sampled 12 trainers and fitness experts to understand the advantages and shortcomings of the other technology products in this space. The primary goal was to solve problems related to proper postures, client engagement, nutritional logs, motivational and success calls and help in home workouts. People also struggled with long-term goal management due to a lack of coaching knowledge and the high costs of subscribing for online personal trainers and nutritionists.

In-app video player with timed exercises

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