An On-demand, Hyperlocal
Delivery App

About The Project

The client is a startup company, and wanted to create an app to incentivize users to get maximum offers and discounts while ordering from the nearby stores and restaurants. They also wanted to encourage newer riders to earn extra money delivering parcels in their spare time. To make it easy for users to participate, an app that is user-friendly was required.

The Challenge

The Covid-19 pandemic has greatly contributed to the flourishing of several hyperlocal startups. The challenge was to create a unique product since there was a lot of competition in this space and any similarity to existing products would erode its originality. Understanding the key personas was the key challenge despite being an “On-Demand” business model. The app must be designed in a way that would seamlessly connect a requester and service provider to deliver orders in their neighborhood. Our Persona Empathy Maps helped us determine the app's target audience. In addition, this also helped us understand some of the most possible use cases since here, the app will be designed for recipients or delivery people to fully utilize the platform.

Fast & Secure Hyperlocal Delivery

Fast & Secure Delivery