Ecommerce Platform
& App

About the Project

FreshNeu was founded in 2021 by a team of 4 entrepreneurs with experience in retail and grocery businesses. To enhance business performance and achieve expected growth, they needed to reach more customers through their new business strategy which eliminated the hassles of physical stores. FreshNeu has expanded its offerings to include Groceries and Healthy Snacks with more than 300 products in just 12 months. Providing a user-friendly website and an app that offers a personalized shopping experience including multilingual support, express checkout, easy cart management and localized last mile delivery, was a priority for the company.

The Challenge

There are many grocery apps available in the market today. But not all of them have been successful in creating a unique shopping experience for their customers. The companies are complicating it by adding more and more features to the digital products and moving away from simple and minimalist designs. Most of the apps lack single-click shopping interfaces, seamless product search, easily visible discounts and offer schemes. The product was to be built for a semi-urban audience with a wide target age group between 15 - 70 years. We needed a platform that could be scaled to include thousands of products while catering to half a billion customers from the remotest regions in India.

A Distinguished Shopping Experience for Customers