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About The Project

A London based luxury fashion brand, Sorriso Fashion, wanted to build an ecommerce app that would allow customers to shop seamlessly and personalized while also connecting with their offline retail stores. Despite the pandemic forcing people to stay indoors and isolate themselves, online businesses saw growth of 44% in 2020 & 2021. The client understood that this digital wave would not be swept away when the retail business reopens fully in the post-covid era.

The Challenge

Online shoppers return approximately 40% of what they purchase due to sizing, style, and fit issues. A third of them regularly purchase more than one size or style of the same item based on fit predictors or size charts. Although online shopping makes customers' lives easier, the frustration and fear of being misled by the final style and look discourages them from trying new styles and reduces retailer revenue as a result of high return rates. A challenge we were trying to solve with this project was increasing the confidence of online shoppers by increasing the transparency of cataloguing and variation in designs. With user interviews and research, our team created a connection between the user, the product, and everything in between.