Online tropical fish
and plant store

About the Project

An aquarium and fishkeeping enthusiast, the customer is an experienced hobbyist. With a successful retail business, they have catered to the needs of some of the best businesses and celebrities. Due to travel restrictions and limitations caused by lockdowns, the client wanted to open an online store to cater to his audience in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane. It was a pioneering step to deliver live fishes and plants as well as provide aquarium design and weekly maintenance services.

The Challenge

Making pet fish care accessible to all was the main motto behind building the tech platform. Everything had to be integrated, from inventory management to logistics. We sampled 20 of their customers to understand their pain areas and planned an online shopping experience for aquarium customers. The e-commerce element would help them showcase the products, while the website would enhance engagement with other hobbyists by displaying their expertise in building aquariums and maintenance.

The logo was enhanced with Gold color to signify luxury and wealth
30+ Icon Styles

High-quality Experience for Shoppers