Nutraceutical Brand

About The Project

Neuherbs is a leading nutraceutical brand with a customer base of half a million. They wanted to redesign their online brand store that helps them attract more customers, enhance their shopping experience and encourage engagement.

The Challenge

Despite having a large customer base, engagement was very low. An unfriendly mobile interface and a poor user experience negatively affected the user experience. While other companies in the similar space saw a surge in orders during the pandemic, Neuherbs' growth was limited despite excellent product quality and superior customer support. Research was conducted with a group of 25 people who were subscribers to leading nutraceutical companies. We addressed their concerns with respect to user interface, purchase flow, promotional content and visibility of the right products. A seamless experience was maintained with easy navigation menus to facilitate customer purchases.

The logo was refreshed with sharper font styles and leaf design
25+ Icon Styles

Customer experience that’s seamless